Complex passive sentences

All right, you asked for it. This page is just a kind of switchboard to special pages showing you, how difficult it can be to be passive. It might even be better to lead an active life than to learn all this. But your teacher won't let you; so go on reading.

There are mainly three cases that can drive you crazy when you deal with the passive (although none of them represents an exception from any rule). We proudly present the following common sources of mistakes:

The first one is passive voice in combination with complex tense forms.

Another one is the combination of the passive voice and the progressive form.

It may sound simple, but you should remember that a subject does not take the object form. Click here for details.

Are you back from the tour or did you just give up? In case you worked yourself through all of it, here comes the good news:

That's all about the passive. As always, there are some less important special cases, but they will not be used in 99% of daily conversation and, what's more, they will not even be asked in an exam at a German school.

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