Forming Questions

Special case 4: Where question words are not enough

Grandma was lucky that in the past the wolfe was an unprotected wild animal.

When you ask WHAT the wolf was in the past, you will get the answer an animal. Well, you knew that. Simple question words won't lead you anywhere, in this case. You will have to specify the kind of information your question word is aiming at. This extends the question word to a longer interrogative phrase. In our example this would result in:

What sort of animal was the wolf in the past?

It is best to see these phrases as one complete question word element, even if they can become pretty long. Thus we won't have to change our rules.

Here are some examples:

He had been watching Little Red Riding Hood since last Sunday.

Since when had he been watching Little Red Riding Hood?

The hunter was the silent type of man who shot first and asked questions later.

What kind of man was the hunter?

Grandma had a little nap twice a day.

How often did grandma have a little nap?

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