Forming Questions

Special case 3: Asking for a prepositional object

He is waiting for the little girl.

This is like any other question. Almost.
The only problem is that a little preposition is part of the object. We cannot leave it out, because that would change the meaning.

You need an example? Sure. Just try to understand Who is he waiting? Doesn't make much sense, right?

So the rule is:

Put the preposition right after the verb form in your question.

(Note: In German we put it at the beginning of the question - "Auf wen wartet...". So do not mix it up.)

This results in: Who is he waiting for?

Here are some examples:

Grandma is flirting with the wolf.

Who is grandma flirting with?

The wolf is looking at her with great appetite.

Who is the wolf looking at with great appetite?

He came from the wood.

Where did he come from?

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